What is Frougie?

What is Frougie?

Frugal + Bougie = Frougie

Ever since I was a child I have appreciated a deal. I can’t tell you how many time the words “but it was on sale!” have come out of my mouth. It’s really my parents fault. My dad is just plain cheap and my mom likes to buy below retail, not because she actually saves any money but because it allows her to buy more. As genetics would have it I fall somewhere in the middle, I don’t squeeze every penny like my father, but I go out of my way to find a deal more than my mother would. One of the great things I learned from my mother is the difference between the cost and worth. She taught me everything on sale isn’t a deal. So while I love rock bottom prices I still want top of the line products.

One day while I was trying to find a hairdresser at a certain price point who still provided quality service (i.e. tight sew-ins under $250 but I don’t want to sit in your basement) I posted on social media “It’s hard being bougie and frugal”. A couple of my friends liked the post and commented, but one of my best girlfriends dubbed my dilemma as being “Frougie” and so Frougie was born.

Now how does Frougie apply to a sewing blog? Well I’m Frougie in everything and sewing is no exception. I always try to save money on sewing supplies, fabrics, notions, etc… I’m Frougie when it comes to all areas of life. Just ask my hubby how I talked the man in best buy into selling us a brand new (though older model) TV for an open box price. MmmmKay! Since I’ve been married I have really gotten in to couponing and finding the best deals for my family. I have at least 3 couponing apps on my phone and 2 deal finding apps. I just love to save money… PERIOD!

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